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Quality sites. Real people. Premium content. 100% safe


While the independent web offers unmatched advertising opportunities for brands and marketers, it also presents challenges and risks which eventually lead marketers to give up and focus solely on the Duopoly, namely Google and Facebook.

Electric Sheep helps marketers face these challenges and solve them, so they too can benefit from all opportunities on the web.

We are committed to providing our demand partners with pure quality traffic, brand safe content environment and tailored media packages to fit campaign needs.  

Disruptive Publishers








All traffic is filtered by multiple anti-fraud and brand safety tools. We are committed to using the auditing tools of your choice.


Chosen from a wide list of Tier A domains, our inventory partners consist of leading brands such as Variety and ESPN as well as quality niche segment sites.


You have the power to choose your player size, engagement type and content environment in which you wish to appear.


Electric Sheep is proud to be independent, we are not part of an agency holding group or publishers network, this in return allows us to singularly focus on driving better results for our demand partners.


100% transparency in all campaigns.


Electric Sheep is the leading independent media provider for advertisers.

We enable brands, agencies and marketers to buy, measure, and optimize their online advertising campaigns with 100% transparency in a brand- safe environment.

For sales inquiries or business opportunities feel free to drop us a line.